When planning an event, you should be critical about choosing the right decor. The little elements elevate the tone of the space and make everything come together. Backdrops are an essential element that highlight the wedding theme and complement the setup.

Creating a ceremony backdrop takes a lot as you have to stick to the event theme and turn the place majestic.

So, if we tell you that ceremony backdrop rental at Chair Covers N More Inc. is more effective and cost-friendly than buying expensive decor pieces for one-time use?

Our extensive range of backdrops, drapes, chair covers, and more will make your ordinary-looking venue magical. Still not convinced to rent our services? Read below to know why backdrops are essential for any event!

Elevate the theme

Venue decoration is the first thing that catches your eye. It sets the tone and mood of the event. Using a pipe and drape backdrop to style your venue elevates the theme. It brings an aesthetic look to your decor.
While most venues provide dull backdrops, renting your desired backdrop would be ideal.

Backdrops hide imperfections

For indoor events, backdrops are essential because they hide imperfections in the wall, unsightly backgrounds, and damp spaces. Draping backdrops are the best choice to conceal hideous backgrounds in the venue as they cover the most space and attractively hide blemishes.

Wide range of options

Backdrops give you the option to be creative and quirky. With a wide variety available at Chair Covers N More, you can experiment with different styles, materials, and colors. We have drapes to create a Gold Cranberry Candle Wall backdrop, Ivory Blush Rustic backdrop, Navy Crystal backdrop, and many more backdrop styles. You can rent any of these suiting your venue and theme.

Easy to customize and personalize

Our backdrops are easy to personalize to your needs. With a wide range of backdrops, drapes, and linens, we offer to add a personalized touch to every decor. We have a Paper Flower backdrop for the photo booth and a Navy Crystal backdrop for the stage. You name it, we have it.

Get the best backdrop rentals at Chair Covers N More Inc.

The newest trend in the market is photo booths. More and more people customize photo booths and add props for their guests today. These photo booths aim to grab the guests’ attention and add an extra element to the event decor. Chair Cover N More Inc’s elegant backdrops can additionally be used as backdrops for photography. You can rent these for both venue and home events.