Deciding on wedding decor is one of the most creatively satisfying works. Choosing the interior space, color palette, theme, ceiling decor, elegant backdrops, and flower arrangements give us the chance to dive into creative pools. But hiring vendors and explaining to them each step and setup is most tiring. Instead, get Chair Covers N More rentals at affordable prices.

With our easy-to-create looks, your wedding decor will look stunning. Today, we have 4 tips for you on easy renting.

Chat with your venue about what’s allowed

Before you decide on renting, talk to the venue manager to see if they’re on board with renting decor and your ideas. Most locations are flexible with clients’ demands, but you’ve to ensure that they do not have any objections to extra decor from outside vendors.

Measure (and count) before you order

Measurements are really important. Ensure you get the dimensions of the hall and furniture before ordering any linen backdrop or stretch spandex covers for tables and chairs. Our rentals are hassle-free. We offer pick up and drop from our location. We also offer delivery, set up, and breakdown. Though if you order decor without correct measurements, it would be a hassle for you or us to return to the warehouse and get the correct items. Thus, before placing an order, measure and count every requirement to avoid last-minute stress.

Consider renting more than just backdrops and lights

Pipe and drape are top on the list of rentals. These create a rich and elegant backdrop to excite the theme of your event. However, we suggest that there is more than just pipe and drape and lights that you can rent to save on the costs of purchasing. We have draping, furniture, a ceremony arch for the aisle, centerpieces, glassware, flatware, and linen for all events. Our rental pieces will make a difference for your wedding (or special event).

Rent linen napkins over buying paper napkins

Our last suggestion would be to rent linen napkins for your wedding rather than buy paper napkins. Linen offers significant benefits over paper napkins. As durable, they would sustain for a longer period and be reused multiple times. They elevate the elegance of your dinner table as they look beautiful. We have bengaline, double-sided satin, pintuck double-sided, polyester, and satin napkins for you.

Chair Covers N More Inc rentals offer the best

At Chair Covers N More Inc., we have the best of best rental options for you. We cover every aspect of a wedding, from lights to furniture and decor to dinnerware. Whether a closely knitted ceremony or a grand wedding, we assure you of quality services at 100% satisfaction. You can either call us or visit us in person.